Al dayah Restaurant

Al Dayah stands for village, and it is a place where a group of people gather and settle to create a community. A normal village population ranges between hundreds to thousands.

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Hainan Restaurant

Named after the smallest province in the- People's Republic of China, Hainan Islandwas once called the Pearl Cliffs, referring to the pearls that were once abundant on the north coast of the island.

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Blue Ocean Restaurant

One late night about a year back a gang of us (a bunch of 20 something's from Fakieh Leisure) we're trying to figure out what type of themed restaurant to build at the Fakieh Aquarium on arguably the best cornice site in Jeddah.

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Seqala Restaurant

Seqala is also characterized by the distinguished aquariums where guests can closely and easily choose their desired type of fish or seafood. It also uniquely provides neighboring resorts with seafood meals that everyone will enjoy.

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