Al Dayah stands for village, and it is a place where a group of people gather and settle to create a community. A normal village population ranges between hundreds to thousands. Village residences can be from a tribe or an individual family or multiple families.


There homes are distinguished by its simplicity and the simple building materials used such as mud and wood. Village people are strongly connected socially and are popular for diverse vegetable cultivations, and one of their popular foods is Tabulah. And we brought the Lebanese Dhaya to Saudi Arabia to experience the traditional Lebanese foods in Al Dayah restaurant in Al Shallal Theme Park.

What you need to know
Ramadan Iftar Buffet
SR 150 Adult | SR 75 Child
Get SR 15 discounted coupons for
Fakieh Aquarium & Fakieh Planetarium
for each person
Opening Timings
5:00 PM to 1:00 AM
Prayer Rooms
Prayer room available
Lebanese Cuisine
Located At
Al Shallal Theme Park
For Contact Inquiries
+966 12-6093993 ext 2005
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