One late night about a year back a gang of us (a bunch of 20 something's from Fakieh Leisure) we're trying to figure out what type of themed restaurant to build at the Fakieh Aquarium on arguably the best cornice site in Jeddah.


The obvious choice.... A Seafood Restaurant.... Aquarium...Sea...Fish... 
The next day, word from the top came back. "Too obvious". 

Back to the drawing board we went. 

Sea lions that clap and blow kisses. Dolphins that jump 5 meters high and cool fish behind glass.


After many late night sessions and espresso's "Blue Ocean" was born. Our version of a casual Miami Beach Restaurant. 

We at Fakieh Leisure hope that you enjoy your experience as much as we enjoyed developing Blue Ocean. 

All the best,
The Gang

What you need to know
Ramadan Iftar Buffet
SR 175 Adult | SR 80 Child
Get SR 15 discounted coupons for
Fakieh Aquarium & Fakieh Planetarium
for each person
Opening Timings
1:00 PM to 1:00 AM
Prayer Rooms
Prayer room available.
Casual Miami Beach Like Restaurant
Located At
Fakieh Aquarium
For Contact Inquiries
+966 12-6066144
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